Monday, January 27, 2014

My Word for 2014

Several years ago, I remember finding Ali Edwards website and reading about "One Little Word," and how all these people was picking a word for the year and I thought "how cool" is that! I think I'm going to pick a word too and my word is going to be "FAITH". OMG! I had no idea the level on which my faith would be tested, how far I would be stretched in a year, and how in the end it would be my faith that kept me from losing my mind. So, this year my word is going to be, DISCIPLINE, it makes me both nervous and excited. Nervous because I need discipline in so many area's of my life and excited because of the possibilities, when applied.

discipline - 1. exercise especially in self control by controlling your behavior 2. to train or develop by instruction 3. to train (yourself to do something)

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