Monday, September 29, 2014

The Road To Radiance! Day Seven

Day Seven y'all

Today is day seven of  a nine day series leading up to Radiant Faces' Opening Day on October 1st! Every day of our Nine Days will include a chance to win one of three free seats in the class, so keep coming back! Yesterday, I introduced you to Jamie Dougherty. On day five, we met Kylie Fowler! On Day Four, we met Julie Gibbons. On Day Three, we met Christy Tomlinson. On Day Two, we met Tamara Laporte, and on Day One, I introduced you to  Jane Davenport!

Today, I want to introduce you to Dina Wakely

What I love about Dina's work is that she demonstrates working *quickly* and simply with results that look anything but simple. Her portraits are extremely expressive, full of emotion, and once you've been walked through how to make them as I was during a live class last year, deceptively easy to create.
Dina will be walking us through the creation of a portrait that will allow us to express our inner Stranger. She says "I think if you accept yourself, as you are, you will love all of you. Even the parts yet to be revealed. Even the parts that are frustrating. Even the parts that are imperfect. Accept yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be your own hero. If you don't, who will?"
Dina's class will go live on October 1st with all the rest, and my interpration of her lesson will appear in our classroom on November 21st.

Here's Dina's Bio

Dina Wakley sm 2Dina Wakley is a mixed-media artist and teacher. She loves everything about art: creating it, thinking about it, looking at it, and teaching it. She lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and three boys. Dina’s work has been published in many magazines and books.
Dina is passionate about teaching art. She teaches both in-person and online workshops. She is a docent at the Phoenix Art Museum, where she gives tours to school groups and gets kids excited about art.
In partnership with Ranger Ink, Dina designed a line of mixed-media art supplies that includes acrylic paints, mediums, brushes, rubber stamps, and stencils. Look for the Dina Wakley Media Line by Ranger at a store near you.

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