Saturday, September 20, 2014

A New Friend

We recently moved to the south and I have to tell you I love it!

Well...we live in an area that is a fairly new subdivision and our house is at the end of the street, next to us, as many of you know, is a cow pasture.

Anyway...yesterday, I was on the computer in my art studio, when I heard something at the front door. I listened and I thought oh...its just someone putting some type of flier on the door. Well...I waited for it to stop and it didn't, so now my heart is starting to beat a little faster, because it doesn't take anyone that long to put something on the door. I looked out the window and I don't see anyone, but the noise at the door is getting louder and its really starting to get me rattled. So...I tiptoe over to the door and OMG it's as if they are trying to break the door down...I'm in FULL PANIC mode now and I scream out "Can I help you?" thinking maybe they'll leave, if they know someone is at home. The noise stops for a minute, and then, it feels, as if, they are moving with an urgency. My heart is beating so fast I can hardly move and I'm thinking, what to do, what to do! At that moment...logic was going out the window...instead of calling 911...I decided call my neighbor, my hands are shaking so bad I can hardly hold the phone and I'm trying to find her number. Now keep in mind, I am still hearing the noise at the front door. I told her, I'm coming out the back door because our yards connect and by the time I get out there, she is in the front and she said to me, "I don't see anybody" but I did see a squirrel run off your porch. Is that possible? Could a squirrel make all of that noise?

OMG!!! As I am sitting here writing this... I am not kidding, the noise is at my front door again. And although I know it may be a squirrel, why am I shaking? Okay...I'm going to open the door and look out...and there he was, big as day...a dark gray squirrel with a big ole bushy tail. Almost caused me to have a heart attack, I tried to get a picture of him, but he decided to run off. I'm sure he'll be back and I'll be ready for him...Coming soon...

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